Transforming Employees & Students into Highly Self-Aware “Professional Employees & Mini-CEOs” in a 3-Hour Training


With the advancement of AI, it is essential for all employees and students to become highly self-aware “Professional Employees & Mini-CEOs.” To achieve this goal, each participant must possess the ability to independently quantify the value of their work and business, communicate it objectively in monetary terms, and share it effectively.

Overview of JPR’s Original “GCC 9BOX™” Training

Jay Phoenix Research Inc. (hereinafter “JPR”) offers a 3-hour training session that teaches participants how to create an Excel sheet called “GCC 9BOX™” that simplifies value quantification. This training incorporates the joy of gamification, allowing participants to engage enthusiastically in calculations.

Ideal for Companies, High Schools, and Universities

This training is highly suitable for companies, high schools, and universities. By participating, students and employees can develop a business mindset and acquire practical skills in value quantification, which will be beneficial for their future careers. The engaging and interactive nature of the training makes it accessible and enjoyable for younger participants, helping them to think like “Mini-CEOs.”

Features of the Training

Joy of Gamification in Work

  • Engaging Training Experience: Based on over 20 years of experience, JPR provides an enjoyable and interactive training environment that appeals to both professionals and students.

JPR’s Aftercare

  • Post-Training Support: Participants can fully utilize the “GCC 9BOX™” through JPR’s aftercare, acquiring the skills to quantify value and apply them from the next day.

Utilization of Excel Sheets

  • User-Friendly Tool: Introduction of JPR’s original Excel sheet that supports value calculation, making employees and students eager to use it proactively.

Real Customer Cases

Qualitative Information Entry

  • Minimal Input Required: Employees and students only need to fill in qualitative information equivalent to “three pages of manuscript paper.” The training teaches an exciting way to write it in 3 hours.

Just Four Numbers for Input

  • Simple and Fun: The training shows how to create these numbers with enthusiasm in just 3 hours.

Visualizing Value

  • Instant and Accurate Visualization: The tool instantly and accurately generates visual representations of the work or business value.

Significance and Overview of the Training

CEO-Like Decision Making

  • Comprehensive Judgment: Each participant is expected to think long-term with a CEO-like mindset, considering not only sales but also cost structures, balance sheet perspectives, 10-year visions, risks, and making decisions based on numbers.

Sharing Quantified Values

  • Unified Communication: Quantifying the value of various businesses and new ventures in a consistent format, making it easy to compare and share among employees and students with diverse perspectives.

Application in Listed Companies

  • Creating Value Data: Employees and students collectively create quantitative value data that can be communicated to banks and investors in listed companies or those aiming for listing.

Gaining Investor Trust

  • Disclosure in Financial Reports: Including this training in the content of human capital management for listed companies, disclosed in securities reports to gain investor trust.

Management Conscious of Capital Costs and Stock Prices

  • Reinforcing from Employee Level: Strengthening management aware of capital costs and stock prices as required by the Tokyo Stock Exchange from the employee level.

Training Tailored to Needs

This training is based on the theory of corporate value (MM Theory) and emphasizes the three elements of Growth (revenue growth), Connection (improvement of connections between people and businesses), and Confidence (enhancing trust). It uses the “GCC Management™” framework to create a securities analyst report and distributes it globally.

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